Rent an accommodation

Rent an accommodation

Looking for an accommodation during your stay in Jokkmokk?

We have a wide range of accommodations available and can help you find the perfect match.

From June 2020 you can sign in for Wintermarket 2021
You can still sign in for Nordenskiöldsloppet 2020

How does it work?

  1. Fill in the form below
    (note: this is not a booking or a guarantee for accommodation)
  2. We will try to match our available accommodations to your wishes and will make you an offer.
  3. If you agree to the offered accommodation you will receive a confirmation of booking. To which you will have to reply with a signed copy in order to make the confirmation.

For more information regarding you booking

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Further information regarding your booking.

You will receive a copy of this text with the confirmation of your booking.


  • At confirmation a down payment of 10% will have to be paid, so your booking is confirmed. 
  • Jokkmokk Arctic Dream will send you an invoice for mediation fee, 250 SEK, once we have received your signed copy of the confirmation.
  • The rest sum must be paid at least 4 weeks before your arrival in Jokkmokk***
    NOTE;***  since there is short time left before the ski event begins, the payment is now 100 % directly with booking.
  • We ask you kindly to mail us a copy of your payment, so we can follow up and inform the host about it.


  • The down payment and mediation fee are non-refundable.
  • Cancellations made between date of booking upp till 15 days prior to your arrival in Jokkmokk will result in a mandatory 50% price of accommodation charge, (plus the down payment and mediation fee as mentioned earlier)
  • Cancellations made from 14 days or shorter prior to your arrival will result in a charge of 100% of the booking price if no medical certificate is shown to Jokkmokk Arctic Dream.
  • Train- or flight delays, strikes or loss of ID/passport are no grounds for cancellation.
  • We advise you, to check your travel insurance or to buy one if you do not have it.


  • If anything is not to your satisfaction, we kindly ask you to immediately contact the host or Jokkmokk Arctic Dream.
  • If it not possible to solve the problem when you are here, we ask you to send a written complaint to Jokkmokk Arctic Dream.
  • To consider your written complaint, you must have already tried to make a complaint to the host while in Jokkmokk without result.
  • Time limit is two weeks after the incident takes place.


  • Please note that you, our guest, making a reservation through Jokkmokk Arctic Dream, for private accommodation in the property of the host, the contract that is signed, is strictly between you, the guest and the host. Although we will do everything in our power to make your stay a pleasant one, Jokkmokk Arctic Dream, can not be held responsible, if the host or the accommodation does not up live your expectations.
  • The host can deny entrance in their home/accommodation if;
    - The guest brings more persons, then mentioned in this agreement without notification before
    - If the guest does not participate him/herself without any notification to Jokkmokk Arctic Dream, at least 2 weeks before 
      arrival in Jokkmokk
  • The person who makes the booking and to who we send the confirmation to, is responsible for all contact, payments and can be held responsible for all damage caused during the stay at the accommodation.