Rent out your accomodation

Rent out accommodation

It is important that as many guests as possible are able to visit and stay in Jokkmokk during the biggest event of the year;
Jokkmokk´s Wintermarket or the longest ski race Nordenskiöldsloppet.
It is so much nicer if the guests can stay in Jokkmokk instead for in other communities. The whole atmosphere is one, they will never forget. Guests are already calling around. To avoid for guests having to make lots of telephone calls, Jokkmokk Arctic Dream is mediating between the guest and the host. 

For us it is a full time job and we would like to receive as early as possible info about the rooms or houses you wish to rent out. 

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Our house
Room in appartment
The whole appartment
Room in house
The whole house
Shower (do you have more than 1 shower?.............)
Toilet (do you have more than 1 toilet?............. ..)
Final cleaning;
The house is absolutely a NON - SMOKING zone
Smoking is allowed in the house

Jokkmokk Arctic Dream is a contact person for the host and your guest.

We send out a confirmation/agreement both to the host and to the guests.
The contracts we make are between the host and the guest(s) to arrive. 

After we have sent a confirmation to guests, they should pay a down payment (10%) directly to your account. We're going to ask them to email us a copy of their payment to you. Down payment will not be returned to the guest if cancellation is made.

The guest will pay the rest amount not later than 4th January 2020, directly to the host´s account. If a booking is made shortly before the market, of course they must pay the full amount to you right away. Even now we are going to ask your guest to email us a copy of their payment to you. In this way, everyone can feel safe. We ask you to contact us immediately, if the money is not available visible on your account after the agreed day. But please also contact us that you have received the money. Then we can give feedback to the guest.

OBS*** until 4 weeks before arrival day, guests can cancel their booking.
That means that, if they cancel longer than 4 weeks before arrival, the guest will receive full restitution, minus the down payment. If they cancel between 4 weeks and 2 weeks before arrival to Jokkmokk, they must pay 50% from the total amount.

With cancellation less than 2 weeks before the planned arrival to Jokkmokk, they receive no restitution without an official medical certificate, shown to Jokkmokk Arctic Dream. Please consider this rule before using the money!

Jokkmokk Arctic Dream will send an invoice to the host for intermediation costs SEK 250 incl. VAT after the binding booking confirmation has been sent out to the guest. The guest also receives an invoice for the same costs.

We hope you feel save working this way.