Private sightseeing tours

Some guests do not have a car, some come by train or bus and some just do not want to drive themselves. That´s where we come in. We offer you private sightseeing tours for max. 3 persons. 

During summer we visit Storforsen nature reserve, go on a Midsummer Night tour and we will visit Laxholmen,

a historical place with a summer café.

Are you interested in shopping in Jokkmokk but you do not feel like searching for the boutiques? Then we take you "by the hand" and go for a tour!

Also a tour to Laponia Naturum at Stora Sjöfallets Nationalpark can be arranged. 

Do not hesitate to ask us, if you do not find what you are looking for! For example; Just a short tour to the Arctic Circle is also possible. 

During the winter we offer a moose safari and an additional tour to Kvikkjokk. During summer, the tour to Kvikkjokk can be done as a request only.

Good to know;

  • During winter the temperatures can go down to minus 40. The guide may decide to cancel a tour if the temperature is minus 25 and below. 
  • If possible always bring an extra battery for your camera, the battery goes down faster with the low temperatures, just like batteries in mobile phone. Especially with metal cover.