Snowmobile tours

Snowmobile tours

We can offer you different types of snowmobile tours, all with experienced and proffesional guides. Most trip are during daytime as safety always comes first.


Jokkmokk Arctic Dream works together with all the outdoor company´s in this area and some even outside Jokkmokk.

We will always discuss the options with you and the guides depending on availability.


Snowmobile tours for more then 4 persons are at request but is absolutely possible, depending on the availability off course.

2 or 4 day tours are also possible at request.


Often it is too cold for small children, they can´t keep themselves warm if they just sit still. Please keep that in mind if you will take your children on a tour. However, children are most welcome. If they can sit steady for themselves, they are allowed to sit at the backseat of the scooter. Otherwise the guide can decide to let the child sit in a special trailer. For children you need proper and extra warm clothes yourselves. If your child get´s too cold it is no longer safe and we might decide to break off the tour earlier as planned. This does not mean that we will return your money.


The prices for children are ;

Children up till 7 years - 210 SEK

Children from 7 years to 12 - 50% of original price


Good to know;

  • Winterseason period; ± 15th of december - ± 15th of april
  • All prices as mentioned are in Swedish Crownes
  • Prices mentioned are per person, if 2 persons share one snowmobile
  • Additional fee to drive your own snowmobile,

you find in the info per tour

  • Use of overall, helmets and boots are included
  • If you do not have a car to get to the location, transfers can be arranged for a small additional fee per transfer
  • If colder then minus 25 the guide can decide to cancel the tour or to change to another day