Wild Sweden

Wild Sweden

Northern Lights & Moose spotting in Lapland

Join this great adventure - a 5 day trip

Price; 19 950 SEK per person, adult

14 450 SEK per person, children 8 to 12 years


Welcome to the land of the Sámi.

Together with our most experienced guides you will experience the best of all. Sámi culture, dogsledding, snowshoe walking, getting the chance to make lots of pictures of reindeer, moose and most like the beautiful Aurora Boralis, best known as Northern Lights. We will stay in Jokkmokk for 3 nights at the guesthouse and the last night you will spend outdoors in tents.


This trip is a 5 day roundtrip, which starts in Luleå, where you are being picked up at the airport. From here on your guide will drive you to Jokkmokk and in the meantime you can get to know eachother a little bit better. During the welcoming dinner you will meet your fellow travelers as well. After this dinner a local photographer will join us and teach you how you will succeed with Northern Lights photography.


Later on we will go outside and search for the Northern Lights where you can practice what you have learned.

Since it is dark early and hopefully we have clear skies, the chances are very high you get to see this spectacle.


On day 2 we will be taking a drive towards a nearby valley where we should be able to see some of Europe´s largest moose and big amounts of reindeer. Lunch will be outdoors and if the weather is oke we will spend the entire afternoon here in this snowy valley. Dinner will be served at the guesthouse again.


Day 3 will be a day full of adventure. We will all be going for a dogsledding tour with the guides Matti & Stina, who will take us across the frozen landscape for a couple of hours.

The only thing you will hear are the dogs breathing. An outdoor lunch prepared on an open fire is an experience itself.

later on that day we will meet Anna, a young Sámi woman in the original lávvu (traditional tent). While she will prepare some traditional Sámi dishes she will tell you about her culture

and the life of a reindeer herder. You will have the chance to meet the reindeer closeby as well. After this long day you might wanna stay awake to go out and watch the Northern Lights again.


On day 4 we will leave the guesthouse and meet with Lennart who is a Sámi. He will let us stay at his tented camp where we will get to spend the night together.

A forest hike in a snow clad Arctic forest is one of the highlights for this day. During the day you also have the chance to try snowshoe walking or cross country skiing.

Dinner will be made by the fireplace in a small wooden cabin. Afterwards we will go out and hopefully we get to see the Aurora Boralis dancing in the sky, just above our heads.


Spending the night in a tent will be a highlight as well. They do have proper beds and a heater, a toilet booth near the tent is also available. You will be surprised how comfortable a tent can be.


After breakfast on day 5 we will have to say goodbye to our host Lennart and drive back towards Luleå.

Depending on the flight you have booked, we can take you to the airport or to the town where you can explore Luleå on your own. Maybe you even would like to spend 1 or 2 days extra in Luleå on your own expense.




Pictures; Håkan Vargas, Jan Nordström, Lars Gabrielsson, Marcus Westberg

Important information:

Number of participants:

maximum 7 persons with 1 guide

maximum 14 persons with 2 guides

Minimum age; 8 years

Participants should be able to walk in uneven terrain without difficulties

Walking level; easy/medium


Start tour; wednesday 24-01-2018

wednesday 07-03-2018


How to get here;

Off course we will give you all the info about how to get to Luleå once you have contacted us for more information or booking the tour.


Bookings and cancellations;

When you make a booking for this tour, we will manually review the booking to make sure that we still have availability. We will send you a confirmation by email within 24 hours. Until your booking is confirmed no payment or charges will be applied and creditcard details are held for security purposes only. We will ask for a 10% deposit at the time of confirmation and full payment is due 45 days before the tour.


Cancellations can be made at no cost up to 7 days from the time of booking. We will provide a 100% refund.

Cancellations between 8 days from the time of booking and 46 days before arrival will be charged at 25% of the booking’s total amount.

Cancellations between 45 days and 15 days before arrival will be charged at 75% of the booking’s total amount.

Cancellations within 14 days of arrival will be charged at 100% of the booking’s total amount.