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3 gears
Request to add childrensseat 50 sek

Thank you for choosing us to rent your bike.


To prevent any surprises during your vacation please read our rental conditions.


  • ID/Pasport required. You can either leave your ID/Pasport number in the form or leave a copy of your card at the reception when you pick up the bike.


  • Deposit Tandem 300 SEK

Deposit Bike 175 SEK


  • The bicycles can be picked up between

08.00 and 10.00 AM

The bicycles have to be returned

between 19.00 and 21.00 or as agreed.

If the bicycle is not returned on time we will charge an extra day of rent.


  • If you are so unfortunate to cause damage at the bike, we charge following;

Flat tire 100 SEK

Destroyed wheel 300 SEK

Lost or irreparably damaged bike* 2000 SEK

Lost or irreparably damaged tandem* 5000 SEK


* These costs are usually covered in your home or travel insurance