Including bicycle helmet 300 SEK per day.


We have one tandem with frame height 52 cm/ 42 cm, 26" tires, handbrakes and 9 gears. It has a strong aluminium frame and thick tires, perfect for a tour on country roads.

Rent -a- bike

New this summer in Jokkmokk!

Rent a bike, maybe even a tandem for 2.

Since many guests arrive by train or bus, a bicycle can give

you just a little more freedom and comfort during your stay.

To provide you with an easy way of exploring the beautiful

area we rent out bicycles during the summer. Below you will

find information about the bicycles and accesories we have

on offer.


You can book a bicycle by sending us a request, preferable

in advance of your stay in Jokkmokk. We will contact you

about the final booking and availability. Off course you can

also call or email us when you are in Jokkmokk!

0046(0)762433646 /


The rental conditions can be found on the request form page.



Including bicycle helmet 175 SEK per day.


We have the following bicycles on offer:


  • 4 Bicycles with higher handlebar and comfortable saddle.

The bike has a frame height of 51 cm,

28" tires and 3 gears.

  • 1 Bicycle with 21 gears


Depending on which are available we will

discuss the final booking with you.


Bicycle helmets


The helmets are included with the bike rental.


The helmets have a fast adjustment system in the neck and ventilation for good aircirculation. Furthermore our helmets meet the Europian standard approval EN1078.



50 SEK per day.


The seat has a high backsupport, footrest, cushion and 3-pointbelt. For children maximum weight

9 - 22 kg


We have one childrensseat available. You can add this as an extra option in your request form.