Are you looking for a special gift? A birthday present, a weddingday present? Or why not  give yourself a special gift? Printing your picture on wood is a memory to last a lifetime!

Choose from a variety of product options. There are various options for in- or outdoors based on the use of your own photo's. We also have pictures made by Olga Stam of the beautiful Lapland landscapes. See the overview below for all options.

Once you have decided which option you like best click here for pricing and extra information about the wood we use.

How to order

To purchase your print on wood, kindly send your order with your name and shipping address together with the file of  your photograph using the following email. Payments are possible via bank transfer, swish, izettle or paypal. We will contact you for more detail about your order, shipment and the payment methods. All orders must be paid before shipping!


Picture on wood Bright

This product is no longer avilable.

Picture on wood Outdoor

  • Suitable for outdoor use because of the strong wood
  • Knot-free
  • Great for detailed pictures by smooth texture

Go for photo on wood Outdoor if you want a smooth surface without knots. This variant of Siberian larch wood is the choice for outdoor use. So bright up your patio, porch or garden with this Outdoor picture on wood!

Picture on wood Pure

  • Highly visible wood structure
  • Tough and powerful look
  • Original way to create ambience

Do you like something more rugged and tough looking? The Pure variant might be something for you. The coarse structure of raw wood brings the rough wood experience to life. This characteristic picture on raw wood has the same double-sided whitewash coating as the Original and is mainly suitable for indoor use.

Picture on wood Original

  • Original way to create ambience
  • Smooth surface with fine wood structure
  • Warm and vibrant look

Years of research, selecting the right wood and treatment on both sides of the wood characterises the Original variant as a very attractive and vibrant picture. If you like the knots and grain to remain visible in your photos? Choose the photo on wood Original.

Picture on wooden hart

  • for your most special memories
  • this product has changed into a different type of wood. More info will follow

Make your picture extra special? Choose the wooden hart to give it a special place in your home.